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Meeting & Congress

The Piazza di Spagna View Hotel Company specialises in organising events and conferences, thanks to our dedicated staff and ideal logistics that can provide perfect organisation for any kind of meeting. The Hotel Selene is definitely a leading option for a conference, with its 18 meeting rooms and years of experience organising all kinds of meetings and conferences. In particular, the Hotel Selene specialises in organising events for pharmaceutical companies, and the top brands have been holding their product promotions and corporate meetings at the Hotel Selene for years.

In addition to the Hotel Selene, the Pian Dei Mucini Toscana Resort, the Borgia Hotel and the Cicerone Hotel in the centre of Rome, the La Mela Hotel in the south-eastern area of the capital, and the Grande Albergo delle Nazioni in the centre of Bari also specialise in conferences.

For more information, contact meeting@hotelselene.com