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Data Protection

With reference to Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Data Protection Code), Piazza di Spagna View S.r.l., with registered offices at Piazza di Spagna, 20 - 00187 Rome, intends to handle the personal details you have provided exclusively for the purposes of meeting contractual or legal obligations in relation to our commercial relationship with you.
For registered users, the information provided when creating an account can be viewed or modified at any time by accessing the "access your profile" section using your username and password.
As per Article 13 of the Code, we are required to provide you with the following information:

Data handling purposes
The details you have provided us will be handled as part of our company's normal activities, and in particular in order to perform our contractual or legal obligations (e.g. administrative, tax, accounting purposes, etc.) and for periodic information or marketing communications sent to your address, including by email, from BH5 SpA or other companies in the Boscolo group.
Data handling methods.
Your details will be stored on a specific data archive, both on paper and on a computer. Your personal details will be handled using specifically designed data handling and archiving programs, and adequate data protection and security measures will be taken as per the Data Protection Code.
Obligatory and optional data.
We would like to inform you that your details are necessary (and your consent is not therefore necessary under the terms of Article 23 and following of the Code) to the extent that they are used by our company to fulfil our contractual or legal obligations, or that they are available in public registers, rolls, deeds or documents, or if they are handled for the purpose of defending or upholding a right in legal action, with the exception of their publication. For any further use of your personal details, your consent will be required.
Consequences of refusal.
If you refuse to provide details which we believe to be fundamental (e.g. name, surname, company name, registered offices, operating offices, secondary branches, share capital, telephone or fax numbers, legal representative, tax code or VAT number, business purpose, bank details, etc.), it may become impossible for us to set up or continue contractual relations with you.
Who we can communicate your details to.

Your personal details may be communicated to the following categories:
anybody who has the right to access the data by law or regulation;
credit institutions responsible for managing collection and payments, financial institutions, insurance and accounting firms;
credit collection agencies;
data processing and IT services companies; mailing services companies;
associated, subsidiary or parent companies.
Who can access your data.
Your personal details may be handled to the following categories:
company managers, appointed as data handlers and/or managers;
employees at the operating offices, appointed as data handlers;
hotel managers, appointed as data handlers and/or managers;
reception, administration or accounting staff in the structures run by BH5 SpA, appointed as data handlers.
Your details will never be published, unless by your explicit consent.
Your rights under Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003.
Lastly, in relation to the above, we would like to remind you of your rights under Article 7 of the Data Protection Code. In particular, we refer to your right to ask our company for the following:
a) the origin of your data, the purposes and methods of its handling, the identification details of the data owner, manager and the people and categories who may receive or access the data as data managers or handlers;
b) confirmation of the existence of personal details about you and the logic applied to their handling using electronic instruments;
c) your data to be eliminated, transformed into anonymous form or blocked if handled in violation of the law;
d) your data to be updated, corrected or, if desired, integrated;
e) confirmation that all the data handlers and managers who have received your details have been made aware of the operations in letters c) and d), with the legal exceptions;
f) you are entitled to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the handling of your personal data even if pertinent to the purposes for which it was collected;
g) you are also entitled to oppose the handling of your personal data for the purposes of sending advertising or direct sales material, market research or commercial communications.
Data handlers. Piazza di Spagna View S.r.l.
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